Basic Education and Music Kindergarten

The Conservatory offers several different levels of music and dance education for children. In music kindergarten (muskari), pre-school age children have weekly music lessons in a fun and safe environment. The Conservatory also offers group ballet and acrobatic lessons for children under 7 years of age.

For older children (ages 7-16), basic education in music is available. Students begin instrument lessons, theory and ear training courses, as well as ensemble lessons. After completing the basic level degree, pupils have two options. One is to continue to deepen their hobby-based studies at the Conservatory, and the other (mainly for students who want to continue professionally) is to apply to the Vocational Education in Music program at the upper secondary level.

Basic education in dance (ballet) is also available for school-age children. For teens and adults, hobby-based dance instruction is offered in ballet and modern dance.