Folk Music Specialization

Central Ostrobothnia is known in Finland as a strong area for folk music, where rich traditions have been understood and cherished. For example, instrumental music (“Pelimannimusiikki”) from Central Ostrobothnia can be found dating back to the 18th century. Significant work in folk music research and education in folk music is done in the area. Various folk music events are held in the Central Ostrobothnia area, where students can also make themselves known to the larger public. Of these, the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival is the largest and most well-known.

The Conservatory’s folk music specialization focuses on traditional and contemporary Finnish and Scandinavian styles. There is close cooperation with Centria University’s folk music department, culminating in shared productions such as the Ostrobothnian Folk Orchestra (OFO) and student-organized jam sessions. The curriculum is developed in co-operation with the Kaustinen Folk Music Institute and the premier Finnish folk music ensemble Tallari. Teachers for a wide range of instruments can be found in Central Ostrobothnia. Visiting teachers at the Conservatory include national and international top-tier musicians.

In the folk music specialization, studies are primarily focused on Nordic folk music; however, it is also possible to divide studies between folk, pop/jazz and classical music.

Is This For Me?

This program is right for you if you are interested in Finnish/Nordic folk music and you are willing to make a purposeful investment in studying traditional music. Students are expected to have a strong musical background, an enthusiastic attitude and a strong desire to develop their own skills. In the Vocational Education in Music programme, students complete an upper secondary vocational qualification in music.  Graduates have the competences to perform in various types of folk ensembles and productions. The qualification also provides an excellent base to apply for further folk music studies, particularly in the Sibelius Academy’s folk music programme.
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