Music Writing Specialization

The emphasis of the Music Writing Specialization is on creative music making – composition, arrangement and/or songwriting. Studies consist of, in addition to the common general courses and instrumental studies, specialized topics focusing on different aspects of music writing. Courses are taught by experienced professionals in the field of music composition and songwriting.

Within the music writing specialization, students develop their skills in the production of musical content. The students gain basic skills in the practice of writing music and are able to utilize them in their own creative work. Students are able to write songs for small ensembles for different functions. In addition, the studies provide direction to students for marketing, networking and copyrighting their own music. The progression of studies is outlined using a personal study plan. Students have the opportunity to concentrate on composing, for example, pop/jazz music, folk music or classical music, or to study a broad range of different genres.

Is This For Me?

This study program is for you if you are interested in writing music comprehensively and want to further develop and deepen your skills. You are able to work independently and persistently, and you recognize music writing to be an important tool for personal self-expression.

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