Vocational Education in Music

The Conservatory’s Vocational Education in Music programme advances students’ instrumental, ensemble, and general music skills and equips them to work as freelance musicians and to continue music studies at the university level. There are about 60 students in the program at any given time, and the duration of studies is 2-3 years. Students graduate with a vocational upper secondary qualification in music. Teaching takes place in Kokkola. The programme is free of charge for the student, and full-time students are entitled to a free meal on study days.

Finnish vocational education system in a nutshell (PDF-document)

Why Kokkola?

  • Students can focus on their own interests, e.g. by mixing studies from different genres or by focusing on creating and presenting their own music through composing courses, concerts and in-house professional-level recording sessions
  • 75 minutes/week of private instrument lessons, with the option of additional side-instrument lessons
  • Possibilities for international exchange and on-the-job projects in the vibrant cultural city of Kokkola
  • Flexibility to attend high school while completing the music programme
  • Competent and experienced teachers on staff and world-class visiting teachers
  • A relaxed and inspirational learning environment
  • Close cooperation with the Centria University of Applied Sciences Music Department, which is located in the same facility
  • The programme provides an excellent base to apply for university-level music studies
  • More about Kokkola: Visit Kokkola

Specialization is available in Classical, Pop/Jazz and Folk Music, as well as Music Writing. All students design their own personal study plan (HOKS) together with the study counsellor, where the content of studies is tailored for each student on the basis of previous studies and experience and current interests.

For more information about studies and Central Ostrobothnian Conservatory, please contact Rector Heikki Aho or Study Counsellor Juhani Koivisto (firstname.lastname@kpkonsa.fi).

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