Pop/Jazz Specialization

The pop/jazz specialization focuses on in-depth familiarization with the different styles of popular music. The student gains the skills to master the basic tasks of a diverse music industry. In addition to the versatile instrumental and band studies offered by the vocational training of the Central Ostrobothnia Conservatory, the training includes, among other things, arranging and composing studies, practical working courses and secondary instrument studies. On-the-job learning is happens via concerts in authentic working environments. The student also has the opportunity to combine studies in different genres into their own curriculum. An inspirational and encouraging learning environment supports the development of the student's musical expression towards their personally-set goals.

In addition to the experienced professional teachers on staff, periodic instruction is also provided by domestic and foreign top-level visiting teachers. In recent years, visiting teachers include Teemu Viinikainen, Manuel Dunkel, Hans Olding (SWE), Ben Granfelt, Jukka Eskola, Joonas Haavisto, Felipe Salles (USA) and Jerry Bergonzi (USA).

Is This For Me?

This program is right for you if you are interested in pop/jazz music and you are willing to make a long-term and purposeful investment in studying music. Students are expected to have a strong musical background, an enthusiastic attitude and a strong desire to develop their own skills. In the Vocational Education in Music programme, students complete a upper secondary vocational qualification in music.  Graduates have the competences to perform in various types of pop/jazz bands and productions. The qualification also provides an excellent base to apply for University-level music studies.

For more information, please contact Mikko Pellinen (firstname.lastname@kpkonsa.fi).